Forgiveness, A Misunderstood Tool to Healing

When people hear the word “forgiveness” they feel like it is a means to condoning the poor treatment or attitude others have shown toward them. FURTHEST from the truth. What forgiveness really does, is allow YOU to HEAL. This is the key to unlock all the pain surrounding a person or an event that has embedded itself into our psyche. Here, let’s explore together why FORGIVENESS is your BEST TOOL to SELF HEALING and RELEASING old wounds (good for YOU, good for ALL)

Think of Forgiveness as the ability to release resentment, jealousy, frustration or anger. Forgiveness will bring You (the forgiver) peace of mind and will free You from self-eroding anger. Among the many side-effects of holding on to anger or your side of the story, include hostility and bitterness, not just at the person or event, but eventually in all your encounters, even toward yourself and those you love.

So, how do we go about Forgiving? Here are a few really simple steps toward your self-healing using Forgiveness:

First, sit comfortably take a DEEP BREATH. Now, take another DEEP BREATH. Okay… one more DEEP BREATH. Now that you have centered yourself, close your eyes. Imagine yourself surrounded by soft, glowing light, feel the warmth of that light on your face. Take another DEEEEEEEP Breath. See yourself smiling, laughing –better yet, make a smile right now. Hold that smile as long as you can. Now, image the feelings of Anger loosen into Blame. Take another Deep Breath. Imagine the feelings of Blame melt into Disappointment. Maybe you stop here, perhaps at this moment this is all you can feel right now. That’s perfectly OK because you have just released up through the Emotional Scale. REMEMBER: this is a PROCESS. If you are able, keep going, breathing, smiling moving up the Emotional Scale toward Hopefulness, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Joy. And if you jump around to doubt, worry, jealousy…it’s all just fine. What we are doing is allowing ourselves to break the chains of Feeling Bad and allowing Feeling Good to take over. The ACT of FORGIVENESS IS FOR YOU! And it benefits all; it is an energy wave that flows through you up and out to others and provides space for ALL TO HEAL.

Now, before we open our eyes and move on, imagine yourself in your favorite place (beach, forest, garden, etc.), under the warm soft glowing light, take another deep breath and now, wrap your arms around yourself. Hold tightly. Imagine You looking at You and saying, “I love you,” “I understand you.” Squeeze again and release. Take another deep breath. Open your eyes (wipe your tears if you have them!) and now Feel the Feeling right now. You may notice a lighter, easier, possibly a more peaceful feeling. THANK YOURSELF for giving such loving attention to yourself. Now, this is just the beginning. Make this a daily practice until you feel more at ease around the situation and the emotions that come up. Then, as you begin to HEAL up the Emotional Scale, you will notice you are less reactive and more loving.

Take this exercise and make it your own. The important steps are Breathing, imagining, Understanding the PROCESSING. Remind yourself how VALUABLE YOU ARE. Remind yourself that WHERE EVER YOU ARE, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU. Remember that the acorn must go deep down into the dark, cold, sometimes “poopy” soil in order to transform itself into the big, beautiful, outreaching Oak Tree. The acorn, during its process of transformation feels the warmth of the sunlight and pushes through its own hard exterior UP UP UP to that bright glowing light and NEVER LOOKS BACK!

Lastly, remember, each of us has our OWN INDIVIDUAL PATH, and that we are ALL HERE TOGETHER to be INSPIRED and to UPLIFT, not to judge or push down. You don’t have to “like” or “approve of” everyone, but do remember, we each have a purpose here on earth and things to sort out, so BE GENTLE BE KIND to YOURSELF and OTHERS. And BELIEVE that ALL are DOING OUR BEST. “See the LIGHT in EVERYTHING.” And with that, NAMASTE.

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