Lover. Vegan. CatSpinster. SoulSpinner.

Living the Life I Love, Intentionally Creating…

Hello! I am living the life I have always dreamed of, Intentionally. For many years I was caught-up in the “outside-self” realm of my personal reality. Making choices, not from my Heart, Will but rather from Societal or Cultural dictates. Once I put together the many pieces of my personal “jigsaw puzzle” I began to understand that I, as well as You All, have the one of the best gifts: CHOICE. I began to care about how I feel; recognizing deep into my depression, I could not figure out “why” –since I had a great creative career as a Makeup Artist for Film and Television. What I realized was, I was making life-choices based on the values of others, and society. Living the outside appearances; material things; valuing myself for not for the “content of my character” but for the idea of an “elite career.” While I am not criticizing any of those ideals, I am placing more emphasis on MY OWN HAPPINESS. And HAPPINESS AS A CHOICE. I am happy to know you are here with me, and find your own self-worth for yourself.

Living Intentionally


Honor Earth + Animals




Eat Well

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