CHOOSE to Feel Good

Most mornings I awaken to Cat Meows to prepare their 4am breakfast (raw, species-appropriate) At first this annoyed the crap outta Me. Then I realised how HAPPY I am to be “CatMum” to 3 amazing Souls (in Cat form) and how much JOY I FEEL in their warm furry presence.

For Me, this is a wonderful way to participate in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This practice has strengthened My UL muscles where I can choose to LOVE without condition; to LOVE beyond the form/person/situation in front of me; rather, seeing the Perfect Soul inside the form.

So every morning i CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD —and YES there are definitely mornings when I really have to say to myself: Choose IT! Basically, i LOOK FOR MORE WAYS TO FEEL GOOD! My relationships have improved, my HEALTH has improved + my overall outlook has improved. Even my close friends see the difference in me, even better, they FEEL the difference 

Tomorrow Morning ask yourself: How Do I Want To FEEL today?

Here are a few ways to practice Feeling Good:

  1. Find 10 positive aspects about your current situation (Abraham-Hicks)
  2. Focus on a memory that makes you laugh
  3. Write down your core values –this will be your “home base”
  4. Add fragrant fresh flowers to your living room or office

These are just a few things I personally use to snap me into a good mood. Now this is not a means to push-away your troubles, just a way to guide you to taking charge of your How You Feel so that you can manage your mood; when you’re in a better mood, your options are better, your choices increase and your outlook is elevated.

Forgiveness, A Misunderstood Tool to Healing

When people hear the word “forgiveness” they feel like it is a means to condoning the poor treatment or attitude others have shown toward them. FURTHEST from the truth. What forgiveness really does, is allow YOU to HEAL. This is the key to unlock all the pain surrounding a person or an event that has embedded itself into our psyche. Here, let’s explore together why FORGIVENESS is your BEST TOOL to SELF HEALING and RELEASING old wounds (good for YOU, good for ALL)